John Rose , a 21 Year old Dallas based artist with a reputation for creating versatile and alluring sounds is currently leaving his fingerprint on the map of this industry. His music has a smooth and addictive vibe that encompasses Pop and R&B, in which takes his listeners to new levels. This mainstream artist with a rugged fresh look and new aged sex appeal is single handedly on the verge of launching his own empire. The North Texas native began writing his own lyrics spring of 2013 after coming out of the lowest point in his life. In writing he found a way to express himself in hopes of someday sharing his lyrics to help others who struggle as well. Through out this journey not only has he become a self taught lyricist but, he has built the majority of his songs from the bottom to the top with a homegrown entourage known as “SafeWaterSounds.”  All the music is developed and released from John Rose’s personal studio in which he built from square one. While chasing a degree in audio engineering and music business, John Rose spends time producing other local artists music and helping them create their own unique sound just as he has done for himself. 

With the roots that this young innovator has already established he is undoubtedly making the impossible seem possible; while inspiring others to work hard and make life happen.

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